Norfrost, the experienced brand puts across wide range of freezing appliances in their port folio. It brings out Norfrost C6AEW-B White Chest Freezer as the advanced freezer. Chest Freezer serves as a perfect alternative when the need for another freezer arises in home which stock large quantities of food stuffs. Unlike the normal freezers these chest freezers offer lavish amount of space in which more stuffs can be stored. The temperature is also been maintained evenly without any concern on the load. It does not require much in partition and best to stock those stuffs which are purchased seasonal and on the basis of offer. When the need arises for an additional freezer then this model could be the right choice. The following review throws more light on the product features and functions.

The Basics:

Norfrost C6AEW-B Grade ‘A’ Rated Chest Freezer belongs to the freestanding engineering with white colour housing. The dimension of this appliance is 885mm in height, 865mm in width and 600mm in depth. The product weight is 34kg and 38kg for the net and gross weight respectively. Capacity is another important aspect of such appliance which dictates the suitability for the user. The gross capacity is 175 litres and the net capacity is 171 litres. This gives a reasonable space for the domestic use and it consists of a single basket which allows organising the storage better.


This appliance takes a neat exterior finish having positioned the control panel in the front bottom at the middle. It consists of a rotary knob and 2 indicators in green and red. This chest freezer allows you to set the variable temperature and it has to be operated manually. The indicator light denotes the functioning of the appliance and in case the desired temperature is been reached it automatically stops the flow of current till the temperature drops.

Features and Functions:

  • This model consists of a single basket which is removable and in the wired style. It allows to neatly aliening the food that is been stored.
  • It works with the single compressor and makes effective utilisation of power in order to give even temperature at all corners.
  • Super freeze function which is the setting of the maximum temperature works best when new addition is giving to the freezer which obviously drops the temperature.
  • In case of the power failure the safe storage time is 24 hours which is best for areas with constant power interruption.
  • All the controls are external and hence are no need to open the lid for setting the temperature more so the absence of interior light does not seem to be a hinge.
  • Another interesting aspect of this appliance is the counter balanced lid which automatically stops till the user opens and closes by just closing it. This adds to the convenience of usage.

Energy and Performance:

Norfrost C6AEW-B 6.18 cu.ft. Capacity Chest Freezer gives the energy consumption for a year is 252 kwh and the energy efficiency is been rated as grade ‘A’. This can be called a low noise emitting appliance as the noise level is merely 42 dBa. The ability of this chest freezer can be identified with the freezing capacity which is 11.5kg per 24 hours. The freezer performance is been rated with 4-star which is impressive and on the higher side.

Overall this model is quite competitive and gives all the must have features along with the grade ‘A’ energy efficiency and 4-star performance rating.

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Norfrost C6AEW-B Chest Freezer – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Norfrost
Model Name C6AEW-B White Chest Freezer
Type Freestanding
Colour White
Dimensions (H x W x D) 885 x 865 x 600 mm
Total capacity Gross – 175 litres; Net – 171 litres
Freezing capacity 11.5 kg per 24 hours
Energy Rating A
Energy consumption 252 kwh / year
Interior Lid light No
Conservation after power failure 24 hours
Adjustable Thermostat Yes
Counterbalanced Lid Yes
Lockable Lid Yes
Fast Freeze Control Yes
Freezer baskets 1
Temperature Controls Yes
Defrosting system Manual
Noise level 42 dBa
Frost free No
No. of compressors 1
Adjustable feet No