When it comes to home appliances it is quite obvious that one would prefer an efficient, stylish and featured product. Beko is one brand that keeps the interest of the customers high and with the successful track record it offers products in different range. Chest freezer gives a great deal of convenience to stock additional stuffs which the fridge freezer cannot accommodate. It helps to maintain the food longer and one can take the advantage of the harvest season. More about Beko CFA1300 Freestanding Chest Freezer is discussed in the following review.

Design Description:

This model has white finish and it is a static type of appliance. This is attractive and suitable for the domestic use as the size is standard. Beko CFA1300 Fast Freeze Chest Freezer is a freestanding appliance which operates well in the ambient temperature down to -15 degree C which means it is suitable to be installed in the garages too. The dimension of 860mm, 1285mm and 725 mm corresponds to the height, width and the depth of the appliance. The weight is on the higher side with 49kg as the net weight. The other details of the physical characteristics are as follows.

  • The door opens on the top and it is hinged standard in the back side. The door handles are integrated and the lid opens with the counter balanced opening. It does have a lock in order to secure the unauthorised opening.
  • There are 3 storage baskets, this allows the user to sort the foods in each baskets and it is also easy to access without waste of time. This in turn means saving on energy as the cold is not allowed to escape.
  • The freezer space is been illuminated with the small light which lights up on opening of the door. Hence, it is not a hassle to access the appliance even if the environment is dark.

Capacity and Controls:

The controls of this model are external which is located in the bottom right. The control panel consists of thermostat adjusting knob along with the indicator lights. The three indicator lights present in the panel gives instant reference about the functioning of the appliance. The green LED light indicates the power on status and the proper functioning. The red LED light indicates when the temperature gets high and it needs immediate attention. Further the amber LED light indicates the fast freezer function. The net storage volume is 360 litres with the 12.7 cu.feet space. It also stores the frozen food of 360 litres in volume. The space is lavish for the domestic use and families who wish to store larger volume of food.

Technical Details:

The power cut safe storage is for 36 hours which is impressive and the food can be maintained in the same freshness all through. The freezing capacity of this model is 18kg for 24 hours which is on the higher side and hence it can accommodate more foods than the normal models. The power consumption is 398kWh which comes with the energy rating of grade ‘A’. The freezer gives a 4-star rating that is inspiring. The climate class is stated to be SN, T.


Beko CFA1300 White Colour Chest Freezer has the advantage of lockable lid, thermostat control and indicator lights. While on the other side the features like the digital display, adjustable feet and no frost system are not present. The defrosting should be done manually. The fast freeze settings are available which a most desired feature for many users is.

Overall, this model is worth the penny for its features, functions and enhanced appearance in the bright white colour.

Beko CFA1300 Specifications

Manufacturer Beko
Model Name CFA1300 Chest Freezer
Freezer volume Net – 360 litres
Colour White
Dimensions (H x W x D) 860 x 1285 x 725 mm
Total capacity (litres/Cu.Ft) 360l/12.7 cu. ft.
Number of Baskets 3 storage baskets
Temperature Warning Light Yes
Power Cut Safe Storage 36 Hours
Energy Rating A
Noise Level 41dBA
Annual Energy Consumption 398 Kwh
Highlight features High temperature warning light
Adjustable thermostat
Counter balanced lid with metal hinges
Interior light
Lockable lid
Fast freeze function
Freezing capacity 18kg/24 hour
Freezer rating 4-star
Climate class SN, T