Chest Freezers

Bosch GCM24AW20G Chest Freezer

It is about the home appliance that Bosch has though much among the many other product segments that undergo constant innovation and introduction of new products. Clearly the appearance of each of its products states the brand performance and the innovative designing. Chest freezers which are in demand add convenience to the storage option. LG introduces a series of chest freezer with different technical details and size. Bosch GCM24AW20G Grade ‘A+’ Rated Chest Freezer works well for the large family and its technology along with the design goes impressive which is better expressed in the following review.

Physical Characteristics:

This model in the freestanding engineering appears with the white colour housing in the dimension of 916mm, 1010mm, and 743mm which corresponds to the height, width and depth. It has height adjustable feet in the front side this helps to install in the right manner. What seems cute and attractive is the counter balanced lid with the lockable option. The control panel is also neatly aligned in the front bottom right side which consists of indication lights and temperature settings.

Bosch GCM24AW20G Chest Freezer

Capacity and Technical Details:

The total freezer capacity is 251 litres and it works with the single compressor. The precise and short description of the technical details is the functioning of the appliance with the right ambient temperature is from 10 degree C to 43 degree C. In case of the power failure the safe storage is for 45 hours which is extremely good for both domestic and small commercial use. The annual energy consumption is 260 kWh per year. Another interesting notification is the noise emission which is as low as 42 dBa.

Product Features:

Horizontal bar handles allows the user to easily lift the door which can also be opened to any extend and balance it with the counter balanced lid. The door also has lock and it does not allow reversing the door opening.

The mechanical control for setting the temperature makes it easy for operation. Bosch GCM24AW20G White Colour Chest Freezer also has indicator lights to intimate the status of the functioning. The interior space has 2 baskets and it has a divider wall which is also removable for better storage.

All the more the added advantages about this model are the super freezing which means when new additions are added without dropping the temperature the new additions is also managed quickly and hence the stored foods stuffs are better protected. The economy and holiday setting adds to the energy conservation and works well to make it energy efficient.


Bosch GCM24AW20G Freestanding Chest Freezer is been rated with the grade ‘A+’ rating which clearly means that it consumes less energy when compared to the models with lower rating. The appliance is also better protection as it intimates the malfunctioning with the LED signal.


Manufacturer Bosch
Model Name GCM24AW20G Chest Freezer
Type Freestanding
Colour White
Dimensions (H x W x D) 916 x 1010 x 743mm
Compressor 1
Number of Baskets 2
Energy Efficiency A+
Key Features Horizontal bar handles
Mechanical control
removable magnetic door seals
Counter balanced lid
Interior freezer light
Easy door opening
Removable divider wall
Calendar frozen food
Height adjustable feet
Freezer malfunction LED signal

Miele GT 5284 S Chest Freezer

Miele, the brand of excellence are people who know a lot about designing which keeps them going without losing in the competition. Their products are futuristic that keeps the demand across the world. Miele GT 5284 S White Colour Chest Freezer has few distinguished features which are discussed in the following review.


Stylish, energy efficient and convenience are the basic description of this spotting product. They are designed with the white colour housing that goes the same with the handle and the sides of the appliance. It works with the frost free technology and is been engineered in the freestanding style. With the ability to accommodate the net capacity of 284 litres the dimension of this freezer is 919mm in height, 999mm in width and 770mm in depth. It serves the right purpose for both homes and small commercials. Miele GT 5284 S Freestanding Chest Freezer allows the user to stock up the food stuff that is cheaply available during the harvest season. It also proves to be cost efficient. This is in the freestanding style which can be installed in any given space. The net weight of the product is 52kg and the gross weight is 63kg.

Freezer Interiors:

Any appliance has to be studied for its interior layout in order to seek for better use. This model is humble with its interiors which consist of 3 baskets. These deep freezer baskets allow you to stock up more storage and they also makes sure to eliminate the contamination and the spillage.

The interior space is been illuminated with the side lighting which is present in the lid and the in lid lighting is also available which makes it easy to use the freezer even when the environment is not lighted.

Freezer Functions:

Super freeze function present in Miele GT 5284 S Grade A++ Chest Freezer makes it a legend as one would show sheer admiration. During the times of bulk shopping that gets loaded in the freezer then the natural process is the drop down of the temperature in the freezer space which would certainly affect the already stored foodstuff. In order to avoid it the super freeze function is available when set in this mode more loading can be made without the drop in the temperature. This appliance has a single compressor and the controls are electronic. It also serves with a visual alarm in case of the drop in the temperature.

Technical Details:

The noise emission is 38 dBa which is quietest among its group and creates no disturbance to the surrounding. The energy rating of this model is A++ which means that is consumes 44% less energy than the ones that are rated grade ‘A’. The net freezing capacity is 284 litres which is 10.0 cu.ft. The annual energy consumption is 209 kWh and this appliance shows green sign for using in the climate of 10 degree C to 43 degree C. The freezer efficiency has 4-star marking for its performance.


This product is also packed with 2 years guarantee provided by the manufacturer. When you see this you would feel the strength of the brand and the product.


Manufacturer Miele
Model Name GT 5284 S Chest Freezer
Type Freestanding
Colour White
Dimensions (H x W x D) 919 x 999 x 770mm
Weight 52 kg (Net) 63 kg (Gross)
Net Freezer capacity 284 litres/10.0 Cu. ft.
Freezing Capacity 27kg/24 hours
Freezer Star Rating 4
Number of Baskets 3
Side lighting In lid
External Controls Yes
Super Fast Freezing Yes
Energy Rating A++
Temperature Controls Electronic
Defrost Drain Yes
Noise Level 38 dBa
Compressor 1
Energy Recommended Yes
Annual Energy Consumption 209 kWh
Guarantee 2 years

Hotpoint RCAA17P Chest Freezer Review

Hotpoint had always been a step ahead in understanding the needs of its customers and designs its products with beauty and brilliance. They offer products of both styles built-in and freestanding. It has also been a proud owner of awards and appreciation. Chest freezers have turned out to be an essential storage appliance in most homes who wish to store lots in the harvest time. Hotpoint RCAA17P Freestanding Chest Freezer is a compact and space saving chest freezer which is been reviewed to bring out more details on it.

Physical Characteristics:

This freestanding chest feature is compact and has white colour finish. It is designed with the perfect corners that can be installed in any part of the home. The dimension is 850mm in height, 550mm in width and 600mm in depth. The front side has a plain finish with the controls present in the lower left side. The handles open upwards with the hinges on the rear side. It gives easy access to load and unload the food stuffs.


Hotpoint RCAA17P Compact Chest Freezer is a simple and innovative solution to stock and store the extra stuffs when purchased during bulk sales, harvest time and to keep fresh fruits with longer life. The capacity is 104 litres as net which is suitable for mid level storage. This upright chest freezer has controls that allow you to set the temperature and keep the operation on/off as desired. The presence of indicator lights makes it easy for to follow the operation.

Technical Details:

Freezing Capacity – This denotes the efficiency of the appliance and this model promises the freezing capacity of 10 litres. This is good enough for the small storage and does makes this appliance a great go on selection.

Power failure backup – During the times of power failure this chest freezer shows the ability to withstand and maintain the temperature for about 26 hours without a drop in the temperature. This preserves the foods in perfect condition and this is a prime consideration when it comes to chest freezer selection.

Energy consumption – The energy consumption is 252 kWh per year and it is been noticed that this consumption is justifiable for such kind of appliance with the related capacity.

Special Features:

This model has a special counter balanced lid which allows the user to open and easily balance without any support. The handle is also concealed and hence it gives a perfect finish on the whole. Available in Hotpoint RCAA17P White Colour Chest Freezer is the special fast freeze option which when set to operate instantly brings the temperature to the set levels. This option helps when there are new additions to the freezer where by the temperature dropping is quite normal. In order to prevent this temperature drop which affects the food that is been stored earlier this option is put to use.

Although this model does not have interior light and does not feature with the digital controls or the adjustable feet, its performance is note worthy and it works with the manual defrosting system.

Hotpoint RCAA17P Specs

Manufacturer Hotpoint
Model Name RCAA17P Chest Freezer
Type Freestanding
Colour White
Dimensions (H x W x D) 885 x 550 x 600 mm
Total capacity Net – 104 litres
Freezing capacity 10 kg per 24 hours
Energy consumption 252 kwh / year
Interior Lid light No
Conservation after power failure 26 hours
Adjustable Thermostat Yes
Counterbalanced Lid Yes
Freezer baskets 1
Temperature Controls Yes
Defrosting system Manual
Super Freeze Yes
No. of compressors 1

Beko CFA1300 Chest Freezer

When it comes to home appliances it is quite obvious that one would prefer an efficient, stylish and featured product. Beko is one brand that keeps the interest of the customers high and with the successful track record it offers products in different range. Chest freezer gives a great deal of convenience to stock additional stuffs which the fridge freezer cannot accommodate. It helps to maintain the food longer and one can take the advantage of the harvest season. More about Beko CFA1300 Freestanding Chest Freezer is discussed in the following review.

Design Description:

This model has white finish and it is a static type of appliance. This is attractive and suitable for the domestic use as the size is standard. Beko CFA1300 Fast Freeze Chest Freezer is a freestanding appliance which operates well in the ambient temperature down to -15 degree C which means it is suitable to be installed in the garages too. The dimension of 860mm, 1285mm and 725 mm corresponds to the height, width and the depth of the appliance. The weight is on the higher side with 49kg as the net weight. The other details of the physical characteristics are as follows.

  • The door opens on the top and it is hinged standard in the back side. The door handles are integrated and the lid opens with the counter balanced opening. It does have a lock in order to secure the unauthorised opening.
  • There are 3 storage baskets, this allows the user to sort the foods in each baskets and it is also easy to access without waste of time. This in turn means saving on energy as the cold is not allowed to escape.
  • The freezer space is been illuminated with the small light which lights up on opening of the door. Hence, it is not a hassle to access the appliance even if the environment is dark.

Capacity and Controls:

The controls of this model are external which is located in the bottom right. The control panel consists of thermostat adjusting knob along with the indicator lights. The three indicator lights present in the panel gives instant reference about the functioning of the appliance. The green LED light indicates the power on status and the proper functioning. The red LED light indicates when the temperature gets high and it needs immediate attention. Further the amber LED light indicates the fast freezer function. The net storage volume is 360 litres with the 12.7 cu.feet space. It also stores the frozen food of 360 litres in volume. The space is lavish for the domestic use and families who wish to store larger volume of food.

Technical Details:

The power cut safe storage is for 36 hours which is impressive and the food can be maintained in the same freshness all through. The freezing capacity of this model is 18kg for 24 hours which is on the higher side and hence it can accommodate more foods than the normal models. The power consumption is 398kWh which comes with the energy rating of grade ‘A’. The freezer gives a 4-star rating that is inspiring. The climate class is stated to be SN, T.


Beko CFA1300 White Colour Chest Freezer has the advantage of lockable lid, thermostat control and indicator lights. While on the other side the features like the digital display, adjustable feet and no frost system are not present. The defrosting should be done manually. The fast freeze settings are available which a most desired feature for many users is.

Overall, this model is worth the penny for its features, functions and enhanced appearance in the bright white colour.

Beko CFA1300 Specifications

Manufacturer Beko
Model Name CFA1300 Chest Freezer
Freezer volume Net – 360 litres
Colour White
Dimensions (H x W x D) 860 x 1285 x 725 mm
Total capacity (litres/Cu.Ft) 360l/12.7 cu. ft.
Number of Baskets 3 storage baskets
Temperature Warning Light Yes
Power Cut Safe Storage 36 Hours
Energy Rating A
Noise Level 41dBA
Annual Energy Consumption 398 Kwh
Highlight features High temperature warning light
Adjustable thermostat
Counter balanced lid with metal hinges
Interior light
Lockable lid
Fast freeze function
Freezing capacity 18kg/24 hour
Freezer rating 4-star
Climate class SN, T

Bosch GTM26A00GB Chest Freezer Review

Bosch offers a range of chest freezers each varying in size, design and capacity. They cater to the need of the users and make it distinguished use in addition to the fridge appliance. The need of the chest freezers are increasing rapidly as they allows to stock the harvest at low energy consumption and the need of opening is less, hence the chest freezers serve right for domestic and small commercials. Bosch GTM26A00GB Freestanding Chest Freezer is been reviewed and it gives you more details on it.

Physical Characteristics:

This chest freezer can be installed freestanding with the dimension of 885mm in height, 1120mm in width and 642mm in depth. The net weight is 48kg and the gross weight is 50kg. The housing is white in colour which matches to any interiors. The door has counter balanced opening and it also allows locking up.

Highlighted Features:

  • Bosch GTM26A00GB Grade ‘A+’ Rated Chest Freezer is been equipped with few highlighted features in regard to the design and functions.
  • Horizontal bar handles add up to the convenience of handling and it makes it simple for the user to just access the opening.
  • Mechanical control system present in the control panel allows setting the functions manually. The control panel is present on the exterior side.
  • Economy setting is available which utilises less energy and is does a favour when set out on a holiday.
  • Lockable system and the Counter balanced lid are features that serve a great convenience. It does not require any extra support to hold the lid when it is opened.
  • Height adjustable front feet make it easy to install the appliance even in place where the floor is uneven.
  • Freezer malfunction warning signal and Interior light are few features that eliminate the trouble of handling the appliance.
  • Super freezing function is present which takes care of the interior temperature from falling down when new additions are added to the freezer.

Capacity and Compartments:

The gross and the net capacity of this freezer are 230 litres and 225 litres. It has 2 baskets and 2 compartments. These are adjustable and can be used as required. This is suitable for the domestic use and it can accommodate the storage of the family requirement. The baskets make it easy to load and unload as required.


The annual energy consumption is 245 kWh/year. The safe storage in case of power failure is for about 50 hours. The star rating of this chest freezer is 4-star. Bosch GTM26A00GB White Colour Chest Freezer is been labelled with the energy efficiency of grade ‘A+’ which is the highest.

Bosch GTM26A00GB Chest Freezer – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Bosch
Model Name GTM26A00GB Chest Freezer
Type Freestanding
Colour White
Dimensions (H x W x D) 88.5 x 112 x 64.2 cm
Total Gross capacity 230 litres
Net Freezer capacity 225 litres
Weight Net – 48 kg; Gross – 50 kg
Noise level 40 dBa
Safe Storage Period in the Event of
Power Failure
50 hours
Temperature Adjustable
Number of Baskets 2
External Controls Yes
No. of compartments/drawers 2
Interior Lid Light Yes
Counterbalanced Lid Yes
Lockable Lid Yes
Energy Rating A+
Fast Freeze Yes
Reversible Door Hinge No
Door Open Indicator No
Voltage 220 – 240 Volts
Climate Class SN-ST
Star rating 4-star
Door Lock Yes
Warning Signal/Malfunction Visual
Defrost Process Manual
Super Freeze Function Yes
Included Accessories 1 Water Defrost Tray
Annual Energy Consumption 245 kWh/year
Supply Voltage/Frequency 220-240/50Hz
Plug Type GB Plug
Key Features Horizontal bar handles
Mechanical control
Economy setting
Lockable system
Counter balanced lid
Height adjustable front feet
Freezer malfunction warning signal
Interior light
Super freezing function
Defrost water outlet
Removable divider wall

Whirlpool WH5000 Chest Freezer

Whirlpool is one among the familiar and leading brands in UK and it stands in pride with the experience for over a century. Their vision to win the hearts of their customers and enter every home with trust and performance. They also extended their efforts for innovating ECO-friendly products. The following review about Whirlpool WH 5000 UK 510 Litres Chest Freezer gets you to understand more on its features and functions.

Physical Characteristics:

Chest freezers are a welcoming appliance which gives you the extra storage option during the harvest season or at the time of bulk purchase when you refrigeration fails to accommodate. This model is a freestanding appliance which has white colour housing. The dimension of the same is 881mm in height, 1625mm in width and 642mm in depth. The weight of it is 51kg in net and 53kg in gross. Whirlpool WH5000 Grade ‘A’ Rated Chest Freezer comes with the door hinge present on both left and right.

Control and Capacity:

The type of control which is integrated in this model is mechanical and has to set the temperature and the defrost functions manually. The type of control settings and also the signaling devices are also mechanic and operated manually. The total gross capacity of this model is 510 litres while the net capacity is 503 litres.

Energy Consumption and Efficiency:

The total annual energy consumption is 464 kwh and for per 24 hours it is 1.27kw. The functioning voltage is 220-240. This model comes with the energy rating of grade ‘A’. This model shows its high efficiency during the time of power cut off as it can maintain without any damage to the contents for about 39 hours which is quite impressive. The noise emission is 44dBa which is quite acceptable.


  • This model comes with the interior light which automatically switches on when during the time of opening the lid.
  • The warning signals for the malfunctioning of the appliance can be obtained visually which is better to fix the problem instantly.
  • This model fives the fast freeze option where in during the time of new loading it is obvious for the temperature to fall down but in this case it gives a fast freeze making sure that the temperature does not drop down.
  • It comes with 5 basket system which is easy to load and unload the food and it also makes it simple for the user to segregate the food stuffs.
  • It comes with the handle lock system and does not have the advantage of door locking system.


Whirlpool WH5000 Freestanding Chest Freezer does not feature with the adjustable feet and hence does not permit to be installed in places where the floor is uneven. It also does not give the feature of auto defrost or the frost free system.


The manufacturer guarantee for the period of 1 year is been offered for this model which covers both parts and labour and the protection with the extended guarantee period can be obtained on the sign up basis.

Whirlpool WH5000 White Chest Freezer – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Whirlpool
Model Name WH 5000 UK 510 Litres Chest Freezer
Type Freestanding
Colour White
Dimensions (H x W x D) 881 x 1625 x 642 mm
Total Gross capacity 510 litres
Net  capacity 503 litres
Weight 51 kg
Freezing Capacity 23 (kg/24hrs)
Power failure Backup 39 hours
Number of Baskets 5
Controls Manual
Door hinge Left and right
Interior Light Yes
Number of freezing flaps Nil
Fast Freeze Control Yes
Energy Rating A
Temperature Warning Yes
Thermometer No
High Temperature Alarm No
Auto defrost No
Adjustable Feet No
Alarm Light Yes
Door Lock Yes
Noise Level 44dBA
Energy Consumption 464 kWh/year
Supply Voltage 220-240
Length of the electrical cord 245 cm
Guarantee 1 year